Are You A Part of the Growing Trend?

Senior health care management is a growing concern among the 80 million baby boomers turning 65 and facing retirement over the next 20 years, and for many is a daunting task to tackle. If you handle your own administration then you may have noticed the developing trend of seniors taking responsibility to understand and educate themselves about Medicare.

“ Do you know what type of Medicare plan you currently have, and how it coordinates benefits?”

For most, it’s like buying a lottery ticket and hoping to win. Seniors have better odds of winning the lottery than they would the chance of NOT having any claims disputes with insurance providers about coverage. “What’s the correlation?” I’m glad you asked. The probability of skating through the world of insurance without any hassles is slim to none. However, if you empower yourself by learning about what your beneficiary rights and entitlements are, you’ll be less likely to be taken advantage of.

You would be surprised to know that many seniors are uninformed, so you shouldn’t feel alone. But one does beg to question, if you were to educate yourself about Medicare and health insurance, what resources do you have? Well…. there’s Medicare, Social Security and CMS. Have you tried contacting these “so-­‐called” resources? If you haven’t, by all means give it a try and let me know how you make out; just be prepared to spend at least 30-­‐45 minutes on hold before a representative will be available to help you. Don’t get me wrong, these resources ARE Valuable and Viable options, but they are incapable of handling the growing volume of seniors seeking assistance to concerns regarding understanding their health care possibilities.

So….. what viable “options” are there for seniors to use as a resource to educate themselves more about Medicare and their health care management? Well, reading this article is a good start, but here are a few more tangible possibilities seniors can take advantage of. Educational resources for seniors include the Internet, (highly recommended but not necessarily user friendly to those unfamiliar with how to navigate a computer), Local Community Senior Centers and Local Corporations for the Aging.


This is probably the best educational resource guide available to seniors. The entire world is at your fingertips. You can access Medicare, CMS and Social Security’s website archives for all the new changes made and the history of social insurance. You could also use the Internet to follow the leaders in health care whether it is through publications, blogs or chat rooms. The Internet has the capability to provide seniors with the ability to educate themselves on their own time and at their own pace.


Community Centers are a great place for seniors to go to educate themselves. You have access to the Center’s resources, for example weekly/monthly lectures by community professionals, but more importantly, it’s a place where people get together to show each other that they are not alone. Everyone can share his or her Medicare experiences with someone who cares and understands. It’s that personal connection that frees them from any inhibition towards embarrassment for not comprehending how a health plan really works. “It’s a struggle we all share,” a prospect once told me.

It shouldn’t have to be.


Corporations for the aging are fantastic educational resources for seniors because they can provide information about senior services, programs, and local senior communities in the area. They are the voice for the elderly; their advocate. They want to ensure that the quality of life for future generations of seniors continues to improve.


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