A Plee, to all Health Care Professionals

As a Quality Development Specialist at a health insurance consulting firm I have begun to notice a disturbing trend…not just from the agents that I monitor and critique but from the insurance industry as a whole. A lack of patience is really wearing thin on seniors and they are fed up with it.

Listen, I get that subsequent generations after the “Baby-boomers” are more tech savy and computer literate but that is NO excuse to assume or expect (for that matter) that ALL seniors enrolled or aging into Medicare can just look online to get the answers they need. Medicare and Social Security are struggling to handle the volume of beneficiaries affected social insurance and so we as health care professionals NEED to understand this.

Take the time and effort to fully explain the benefits and responsibilities that Medicare beneficiaries will encounter. If we all do our part, we can significantly reduce the red tape tying up the system.


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