Moral Gratification

I must say, I am quite pleased with what I do for a living. Now, don’t get me wrong, soccer or futbol where I come from, is my passion and I would do anything to get out onto the pitch to kick a ball around. However, nothing is more gratifying than to hear a Medicare beneficiary thank me for the job I’ve done helping them understand Medicare and how it coordinates benefits with their existing health plan.

I take a lot of pride in what I do. Not because this is how I was raised, but because I understand the industry and how unscrupulous it can be. I don’t want some agent out there who is just trying to make a buck, get over on my parents or anyone else who has dedicated their lives to what they have achieved so far. My parents are immigrants who have sacrificed a lot to get to where they are now, not to mention helping further along my sister and I’s success. To diminish that in any capacity will not be tolerated.

I want nothing more than to ease their matriculation into retirement, not just for them but every senior facing the decision to retire. Life is hard as it is already, and this economy isn’t making that decision any easier. So, if I can ease that burden in any way I will, for as many future retirees who need it.

By Managed Care Consultants Posted in Medicare

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