Dear Medicare Beneficiaries

Dear Medicare Beneficiaries,

As we all know, the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) began yesterday October 15 th. Please be aware that there are 80 million seniors turning 65 over the next 15+ years so call waiting times will be long. Have patience with us, either Medicare, Social Security or your health plan provider. We are doing our best to accommodate and address the concerns you have with your current or prospective health plan. To expedite any inquiry please be prepared with your Medicare card, your health plan card, member ID and a list of any prescriptions you are taking. This will assist us in efficiently answering your concerns.
Also, please be aware that the AEP ends on Dec 7th so if you need any information mailed to you regarding your current or new plan please call at least two weeks before the AEP deadline. By doing this you will have plenty of time to review the information and call back to ask any questions or concerns you may have.
Medicare beneficiaries, I speak to you from the trenches of Medicare warfare. I am on the front lines and deal with seniors and their frustrations everyday. I am providing you with little secrets that will get you the answers you seek in a timely fashion. Take heed however, not everything you hear is gospel. You want to make sure you always confirm the information you receive from another source. If that means calling back then do so. Trust me when I tell you this…” You want to make absolutely sure that the terms and conditions of care provided by your health care provider are what you were expecting.” If it is NOT, then you must contact Medicare because you may have been mislead and this type of Medicare fraud can cost you dearly, both emotionally and financially.


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